Status Updates
26 short performances by Nick DeMarco & Justin Kemp
Curated by Gene McHugh @ Vogt Gallery 2011

Titles / Notes
  • Casually introducing my khakis tonight (timid catwalk)
  • Aggressively introducing my khakis tonight (aggro, hotdog pocket)
  • Sucked all the gel off my crest whitestips (remove white stripe from mouth)
  • Referencing Sisyphus with a lisp (on phone with friend)
  • The grease on my cell phone screen is the only thing that makes me feel alive. (taken by phones sheen)
  • Making the best of my cellphone belt holder lump
  • Using bug spray to cover up the smell of icy hot (apply both)
  • Playing the solo from stairway to heaven on air guitar from memory
  • Playing the solo from stairway to heaven on air guitar from memory on the back of a jet ski (together)
  • Putting on a sweatshirt while wearing a large sun hat
  • Using a coexist bumper sticker as a lint brush (clean sweatshirt and khakis)
  • Endorsing a check with a paintbrush (blow on paint to dry)
  • Carrying an extra ponytail holder just in case someone lets their hair down too early.
  • My mantra is a british person saying "jigga baby"
  • Demonstrating a clear desire to masturbate (no gesture)
  • Dorito from memory: Cool Ranch!
  • Got a little emotional reading the back of the raisins box "just grapes and sunshine". I wish that was my life; grapes and sunshine. (showing comfort)
  • The best part of scream 4 was my laser pointer (wiggling laser)
  • The kind of person who seems like they’re drinking a soda even when they’re not drinking a soda. (works with pen coaster)
  • The accidental pen coaster (works with laser pointer)
  • Everyone says i look like the national geographic afghan girl wearing big glasses (towel to clean beer spill, rap over head and turn around)
  • Protecting a hot dog from condiments (condom on hot dog, apply ketchup and mustard)
  • Ketchup and mustard stained tie-dye shirt
  • Trying to fold my hands in a way that shows how smart and thoughtful I am. (?)
  • Not being bothered by the unnaturalness of my tan. (wear spray above sleeves)
  • Writing graffiti with axe body spray.